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Who We Are

The Berkeley Neighborhood Preservation Organization (BNPO) was formed to protect neighborhoods from uncontrolled development. Our goals are to preserve neighborhood character, affordable housing, community resources, and space for artists and industry. The policies we advocate fortify two of the strongest weapons against Global Warming: the preservation and retrofitting of historic buildings.

In Berkeley’s vibrant and often contentious political atmosphere, it is worth noting that BNPO members come from all aspects of Berkeley’s vivid political spectrum. That’s because we agree that neighborhood preservation is a forward-thinking point of view that helps to achieve Berkeley’s green goals.

The 6,000 people who signed petitions against Measure LL support this point of view. Join us all in voting NO on Measure LL.

The Berkeley Neighborhood Preservation Organization includes community leaders and environmenalists, as well as elected officials and representatives of several of Berkeley’s oldest and most active neighborhood organizations (see Endorsers).

Among our members:

Austene Hall
Past President, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA)

Gale Garcia
Director, BAHA

Laurie Bright
President, Council of Neighborhood Associations (CNA)

Julie Dickinson
Secretary, CNA

Judith Epstein
Co-Founder, Elmwood Neighborhood Association

Patti Dacey
Planning Commissioner

Lesley Emmington
President, Save Strawberry Canyon; Founder, BAHA

Jesse Arreguin
Chair, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Neal Blumenfeld, MD & Elise Blumenfeld, PhD
Neighborhood Preservationists, West Berkeley

Shirley Dean
Former Mayor of Berkeley

Christopher Lien
Legal Counsel

Daniella Thompson
Director & Web Editor, BAHA

Berkeley Neighborhood
Preservation Organization

1442A Walnut Street #289
Berkeley, CA 94709


(510) 524-0949




(510) 524-0949